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Frequently Asked Questions

At North Star ATV, we understand that questions may arise as you install our products. Don't hesitate to call our Customer Support Department if you can't find the answer you're looking for below.

Where are you located?
We are an online retailer located in Jackson, MN.

Are you a certified Eagle Retailer?
Yes, we are acknowledged by Eagle Plows and Eagle Winches as an online retailer.

What do I need for a complete plow system?
See below for what to order with any Eagle Plow System.

     1. Select your Eagle Plow System: Original (Mid-Mount), Gen. II (Front Mount), UTV

     2. Review the Model Specific Mount Guide for your specific mount

     3. Order your Eagle Push Tube

     4. Select your Eagle Plow Blade

     5. Optional Lifting Accessory: Hand Lift Kit (ATVs only)

     6. Optional Lifting Accessory: Winch

     7. Optional Lifting Accessory: Winch Mount

How much is shipping?
North Star ATV believes if you need something to get back outside, we should get it to you as soon as possible so we offer FREE SHIPPING!

Is there a way to turn my blade without having to do it?
Yes! Look at the Motion Pacs by KYB.

How do I know what kind of blade to get?
Any Eagle Blade will fit on any Eagle Plow System, we generally recommend the following blade sizes:
50", 54", 60" - ATV
60", 66", 72" - UTV
A good rule of thumb is to measure how wide your machine is and how much power it has to move snow.

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